It’s Time to Clean House!

Here’s the thing: politicians beholden to big dollar donors cannot honestly represent their constituents.
So here’s the solution – I call them ‘House Cleaning Reforms’ — because let’s face it – we need to CLEAN HOUSE!
My ‘House Cleaning Reforms’ specifically include:
  1. Campaign Finance Reform. It’s time we eliminate the secret money, the ‘dark’ money, and Super PACs that power away from the individual vote and contribution of average Americans.
  2. Lobbying Reform. No more gifts from lobbyists. Plain and simple. Zero. Nothing.
  3. Redistricting Reform. It’s time we take redistricting out of the hands of legislators, and neutralize the practice of gerrymandering, which establishes a political advantage for a particular party by manipulating district boundaries.
Every American should be treated equally under the law. That includes the power every American has on our elections. It’s time the wealthy are put in their place, and the majority of people in this country make the decisions.
Please know it’s not the amount that you give, it’s that you make the personal decision to do so.
Drew Thompson
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