Too many politicians are bought and paid for by out-of-state donors — and working families are sick of paying the bill. Billion dollar bailouts for bankers and corporate farms, while teachers, nurses, working folks and seniors struggle. I’m committed to making our government work the way it was intended to — for the benefit of the people. My plan is focused on two main areas: House Cleaning Reforms to get money out of politics, and Fixing the Foundation for our Families, so you can earn more, and keep more, from your labor.

Renee’s House Cleaning Reforms are:


We must get money out of our elections, and the Clean Missouri (Amendment 1) plan you’ll have the chance to vote on November 6th is a good start. Clean Missouri would place strict limits on campaign contributions; because politicians should work for YOU — not dark money groups and wealthy donors.


This partisan gerrymandering system we have now, where politicians pick their voters — instead of the other way around — must end. Neighbors who go to the same church, send their kids to the same school, even work at the same employer often have different members of Congress. How are they supposed to make their voice heard? We need independent citizens — not politicians — drawing the maps.


Real reform means no more gifts from lobbyists. Zero. Nothing. Not even a cup of coffee.

Fixing the Foundation for Families means:


With the cost of living going up, you need a representative who will protect your retirement and Medicare. Vicky’s votes to cut Medicare and remove protections for pre-existing conditions are a slap in the face. You shouldn’t go broke when a loved one gets sick. We need to protect Medicare and expand it to all, and fight efforts to privatize Social Security.


You rejected Right to Work because you know it’s a scam, but to finish the job we have to fire Vicky and beat National Right to Work in Congress. If you work full-time, you shouldn’t live in poverty. But that’s the situation for a lot of families today. In the richest country in the nation, that isn’t right. I believe it’s time to raise the minimum wage to $12 per hour, with help for small businesses to make sure fair wages benefit everybody.


Great communities deserve great schools, and hardworking Missourians deserve a chance to succeed. But today’s politicians are more focused on tax breaks for the rich than they are with education, and we all end up paying the price. Better schools mean higher property values. Better schools mean higher wages. Better schools are a path out of poverty for those who do the work. But without education, that path is blocked. It’s time to invest in our communities through fully funded schools, so everyone has a chance to succeed.