A Voice for the VA

The fight over how to best care for the nation’s 20 million veterans has been long simmering and contentious, and has pitted nearly every traditional veterans group against the conservative advocacy group Concerned Veterans of America, which is funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers.


Healthcare for Veterans has become a political football. It’s absurd.
I would say there are fewer higher priorities in this nation: Stand up for our Veterans who have stood up for us.


If you support Veterans, please join my campaign today.


Congress should be working to fix the holes in our VA health system. That means repairing the infrastructure and reducing wait times, not pushing care into the private for-profit sector.


The VA is our country’s only single-payer system. It’s the largest healthcare provider in the nation. The VA negotiates directly with pharmaceutical companies over drug prices, and it’s also a one-stop-shop for veterans seeking all kinds of care, from mental health to physical issues to social work.


Private providers, in contrast, aren’t familiar with the rigors of military service and could expose our veterans to lower-quality care or even longer wait times.
My name is Renee Hoagenson, and I’m asking you to support me – a voice for the VA in Congress.


The VA is an example of public sector health care working. We all agree that we can do better. That’s why I fully support the VA: Fully funded, and fully staffed.

America made a promise to veterans that they would be taken care of when they got home. I’m going to fight to uphold that promise.

In solidarity,


Drew Thompson
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