Where Are Our Leaders

On Monday, July 16, the president of the United States stood on foreign soil next to one of our greatest adversaries and denounced American agencies and processes. He blamed America for tensions with a brutal dictator and former KGB agent who is merciless on the world stage.


He has repeatedly said he has Putin’s word that Putin didn’t interfere. He acts as if this should be enough for the American people despite all evidence. Congressmen from both parties have denounced this. But not our reprsentative from MO-4. Rep. Hartzler has said she is concerned about Russia’s interference. But she stops short of denouncing the President for siding with Russia over America.


I ask you Representative Hartzler? Whose side are you on? Are you on Team America or Team Putin? Because the leader of the free world has sided with Putin, a murderer who has continued to undermine the American way.


Trump’s own appointee as Director of National Intelligence, Daniel Coats maintained that the findings of all American agencies that the Russians have indeed interfered with the election.


“We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and their ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy, and we will continue to provide unvarnished and objective intelligence in support of our national security,” Coats said in a statement.
Outside Missouri, prominent politicians on both sides of the aisle criticized Trump’s alignment with Putin.


This is a non-partisan issue.


Senator and Congressmen from both parties have denounced the president’s comments: Sen bob corker, Jeff flake, John McCain, Sen. Susan Collins, Lindsay Graham, Grassley, Rob Portman, Tim Scott, Patrick Toomey, Jerry Moran of Kansas, Rep. Ed Royce of Foreign Affairs committee, Robert Goodlatte, judiciary committee, Rep. Cheri Bustos, chair woman Cathy mcmorris rodgers, senator deb fischer, our own Senator McCaskill and even Roy Blunt. Here is what speaker Paul Ryan said:


“The president must appreciate that Russia is not our ally.”


Officials in the intelligence community agree Russia continues to undermine our elections and are currently working to undermine the upcoming midterms in November.


We have to take these threats as a reality. We need to take this election off the grid and go back to paper ballots.


Why isn’t Rep. Hartzler concerned about this attack on democracy. Why won’t she fight for us?


Representative Hartzler needs to stand up and demand to know what was discussed in the nearly two hours private discussion. She should demand the FBI investigation into what the Russian intelligence agency employees did or did not do to interfere with our elections continues until it is finished.
Where are we vulnerable? Where are we open to attack. We need a strong and prepared military, but the attacks we face from Russia are more subversive.
Trump has never offered a plan to defend democracy from these cyberattacks or reassurance that we are being protected from this threat. And neither does Rep. Hartzler.


There is a lot of smoke. Why isn’t our Congress interested in if there is fire?


Potential Russians in the NRA. Potential Russians helping congressmen in their election, why isn’t our representative asking more questions?
This president has started a trade war that will have devastating effects on Missouri’s farming economy and beyond. Hartzler says nothing.


There is a saying, when someone tells you who they are believe them! Putin has shown who he is repeatedly by his inhumane actions on the world stage. Donald Trump shows who he is by supporting this dictator and denouncing American agencies. Vicky Hartzler shows who she is by allowing it to continue.


I stand here today, at this Vietnam Memorial, to express my concern about Rep. Hartzler’s inability and unwillingness to take a stand against Donald Trump.


We, as a country, cannot stand by and listen as the president commits what some have called treason.


I’m not interested in Rep. Hartzler’s concern, I’m interested in what she is going to do. What she is going to do to fight to preserve America, fight to preserve democracy.


I can tell you what I would do. I would demand a censure on Trump. I would demand that our next election take necessary precautions to ensure it’s accuracy as the voice of the American people.


I believe our representative needs to put this country ahead of all other considerations. Our rep needs to put principles before personalities. She might like pres. Trump. But it’s time to do your job and censure pres.Trump over his egregious behavior.


I want to know what Rep. Hartzler will do about this, not how she is concerned.


I can tell you that if I were your rep. and if I am fortunate to become your rep. I will always put Missourians and Americans over every other consideration, including money, donors, or people who try to take power. We are in a fight over whether we can continue on as our country was framed, a democratic republic.


Congress should not be lap dogs or party stamps.
Hartzler has continued to show weak leadership.


We need to know that our representatives have our best interests at heart, not their own and not their party’s. This congress should serve the people.
I call on our representative to put the people of MO-4 first or step down.

Drew Thompson
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