Secret Committees

Vicky Hartzler is on the defense as we head into November, but make no mistake: she is calling in all her special interest favors to gear up for the battle.


Outrageous amounts of money from special interest groups and their billionaire donors will be filtered into super PACs – they’ve already received nearly $200 million for the upcoming elections.


There’s no doubt that a lot of that money is headed to Missouri, where we’ll be home to one of the most important races in the country in 2018.


In the last few months, Missouri has been plagued with news stories about politicians with secret and dark money committees that funnel cash to their campaigns.


Vicky Hartzler is no different.

Vicky Hartzler has a special secret committee called VickyPAC.


We don’t have millionaires writing us $50,000 checks, and we don’t have Vicky’s Secret Money Campaign Coffer.  We have something better: Supporters like you.



We are transparent.  You can see online who gave contributions to this campaign, and you can see where we spend every cent.  That’s how I am.


When you make a contribution, you are not giving your money to me.  You are giving your money to the people of the 4th Congressional District.


We will do all we can to spend it wisely, and send a voice for the people to Congress.


Thank you for your support!

Drew Thompson
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