Seniors, Social Security and Medicare

It's important that we protect our commitments to our seniors.
Social Security is your money, money you paid in over your lifetime. It is not the government's. It is not an entitlement. Social Security should be a budget priority.

Medicare is also very important. Medicare works very well in this country. Our current Congress is talking of cuts to Medicare. That would be a mistake. Personally, I’d like to expand Medicare, lowering the qualifying age, ultimately making it available to everyone. Medicare should be expanded so there is no yearly fee or supplement needed.

Our country has the healthiest people in the world, 65+ because Medicare works.

The US is dead last in outcomes for those below age 65.

Medicare will work even better when we can negotiate drug prices. In my opinion, it is morally wrong to allow pharmaceutical companies to price-gouge anyone but especially seniors. People are dying over outrageous drug prices.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare prices have skyrocketed in the last ten years. I believe that pharmaceuticals and healthcare payments should be treated more like utility payments. Drug companies can make a reasonable profit without causing American patients to choose between food and medication.