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Renée Hoagenson will represent all of the people of the Fourth District. She is not held captive by any special interest. A sense of fairness and the ability to stand on your own two feet is exactly what Washington D.C. needs right now. We are proud of her independent thinking. Let’s help our country by changing Congress, one independent thinker at a time.


Roger Wilson
Former Governor of Missouri

the hottest star in Democratic politics

Renee is a lifelong Missourian, an accomplished and successful business owner, and a mother of three who knows how to get things done,” said Jason Kander. “I’m supporting Renee because she understands that the main priority in Congress should be to make government work for real people again. We need Renee’s House Cleaning reforms to kick big money out of politics and end gerrymandering. I’m proud to support Renee Hoagenson for Congress, and I hope you’ll consider joining me in supporting her too.

Jason Kander
Candidate for Kansas City Mayor


The National Women’s Political Caucus enthusiastically endorses your candidacy to represent Missouri’s 4th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. With your impressive experience and tenacity, we are confident that you will be an important voice for women’s rights in Congress.


Donna Lent & Paula Owen Willmarth
National Women’s Political Caucus


Renee believes the family unit to be the moral foundation of our Nation. For generations we have instilled in our children the American values of independence, compassion, and strength of character that have made our nation great. However, due to stagnating wages and good paying manufacturing jobs going overseas many Missourians have had to work longer hours and in many cases more than one job just to make ends meet. This has led to less time spent together as a family teaching our children the American values upon which our country has been built.

I am very happy to endorse Renee Hoagenson for Congress! I have known Renee for over 20 years. I have always admired her courage and determination. She is of outstanding character, scrupulous integrity, and is already giving 110% of her heart to this fight. I am confident that Renee will be a servant of the people in our district. She has the intelligence, the business sense, and the ability to work with all who come to the table regardless of party. Renee is a “work horse” and will make the concerns of ALL constituents in the 4th Congressional District heard loud and clear!


Renae LeAnn


I’m thrilled to be endorsing Renee for Congress! I’ve known and worked with Renee for years. She’s smart, energetic and always eager to help anyone and everyone she has worked with and for. I’m convinced Renee will represent the PEOPLE of Missouri. Renee won’t back down from a ‘fight,’ does the research so she knows what she is talking about and I know she will always do what she believes to be the best thing for the citizens she represents while in Congress.


Mark Dahl


Renee Kennedy Hoagenson has a heart for working families in Missouri. She is ready to go to work for US! Vote for Renee in August and November!

Elizabeth Bauer-Barker


I am an acute care nurse and a recent stay at home mom depending on the ACA to cover the insurance needs of my family. When we first signed on to the ACA we were very happy to have a $500 deductible, reasonable monthly premiums, lower co-pays along with the choice of insurance companies and plans. Now that we are going into our third year using the ACA we are sad to report what many families report; loss of coverage options, increased deductibles and co-pays, loss of physicians, and a very frustrating and maddening claims process. Yet, I know my family is lucky compared to many Missourians who are falling through the cracks and have no healthcare coverage as a result of Missouri lawmakers refusing to expand Medicaid. Our ever-growing GDP dedicated to healthcare costs is unsustainable. People that can’t afford healthcare insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid are increasing costs for everyone. And still there are many individuals and families that choose not to use their insurance because they can’t afford the deductibles and co-pays. All of these scenarios have serious health and financial consequences. Something must be done. We must work hard to elect lawmakers like Renee Hoagenson that will go to Washington and fight for healthcare and financial justice for the American People. I will be voting for Renee Hoagenson and encouraging everyone else I know to do the same.


Colleen Rodgers, RN, founder of Missouri Nurses and Patients for Single-Payer Healthcare


I support Renee because she is an accomplished small business owner who is pragmatic about economic matters but also sees how current Republican policies and values are bankrupt as they slavishly serve their corportate and ultra-wealthy masters. Ask yourself why nearly every R senator walked the plank to vote to repeal the ACA with less than 20% of the public in support of their plan. Why? Because they each had a gun to their heads in the form of large campaign contributions directly or indirectly funneled their way by the Koch Donor Network, a group of billionaires led by Charles and David Koch who are the ringmasters of the massive flood of Dark Money into US politics…The Preamble to the Constitution calls on us to continue working toward a “more perfect Union.” That is the work that is under assault. That is the work that we must continue to faithfully pursue. That is what Renee will do and that’s why I support her. I hope you will, too.


Chip Cooper – Founder, The Flag Project


I am a retired union carpenter and I am very happy to endorse Renee Kennedy Hoagenson for congress in the 4th congressional district. I have talked to her quite a bit and I believe she will be a true friend of all working people. As well as some excellent ideas about health care. It doesn’t hurt that she supports the second amendment, which is important to me as well.


Dennis Hull


I am proud to endorse Renee in her effort to unseat republican Vicky Hartzler in Missouri’s 4th Congressional District. She will work tirelessly to help those in the district she hopes to represent!


Richard Orr


I am asking for your support and vote for Renee Hoagenson for the 4th US Congressional district. I am a retired nurse who first met Renee when she announced her candidacy. I was concerned about access to health care. I support Renee because she supports the middle class; things that I had access to growing up but are disappearing – public health care and immunizations, affordable college and career training, hope for climbing the ladder, owning a home and a better future for my children. Renee will protect Social Security and Medicare, security we have paid for but has been attacked and pillaged by politicians with other priorities. Renee has taken the time to know me and to hear me; she will ethically fight to improve the quality of the lives of the people in her district.


Barbara Boshard


Representing Missouri in The United States House is a huge responsibility, and I don’t know anyone more well suited to advocate for Missourians than my friend Renee Kennedy Hoagenson.

As a single mother, Renee understands that making ends meet is sometimes easier said than done. She’s keenly aware of the struggle faced by working folks in this state and will be a staunch champion of those seeking to attain the promise of The American Dream.

As a small business owner, Renee knows the hard work it takes to build a successful company and the skills she has attained in doing so will serve us all in our efforts to make Missouri the best state in the union to live, work, and start and operate a business.

As a Rotarian, not only does Renee believe in the motto “Service above self” she lives it. EVERYDAY. She is tireless in her efforts to improve her community and possesses a genuine desire to help out people looking for a hand up, not a hand out.

On a personal note, her advice and encouragement has been absolutely invaluable to my own campaign for Missouri Senate and I look forward to many more opportunities for the two of us to get together with potential constituents to listen to their concerns and ideas to best address them.

So today, I’m asking you all to join me in supporting this incredible and inspiring lady in her bid to unseat Vicky Hartzler in The Fourth Congressional District of The Great State of Missouri.


Joseph Poor


The first time I heard Renee speak she said: “Not everything needs to make a profit.” This statement from a business owner made an impact as I have never heard that said in a campaign speech. I will be voting for Renee to represent Congressional District 4 because she is listening to the people of our district and not afraid to answer the hard questions with common sense answers instead of empty promises. I believe she will work hard for all of the people, not the few, not the corporations, not just the party.

Connie Schneider


We need to get Vicky Hartzler out of office. I have voted for her in the past, but that won’t happen again. This Republican is voting for Renee Kennedy Hoagenson. She will stand for the people not for the highest bidder.

Fred Williams


As the president of Webster University College Democrats, the executive board and I found it an easy choice.

John M. Wallis


I’m honored to have been selected. Please visit the link below.



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